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Campaign Analyst - NY

Campaigns · New York, New York
Department Campaigns
Employment Type Full-Time/Exempt
Minimum Experience Experienced

The Team:

The campaigns team at BlueLabs works with political, advocacy, healthcare, and corporate clients to make data driven decisions. This is both a client-facing and data-facing team: we do both analysis and client communications. Team members provide context for our internal data scientists and engineers and explain findings to stakeholders.

 As a member of the campaigns team, you might answer questions like:

  • What political trends should a campaign be aware of and what are their different pathways to victory
  • How might consumers might behave under different pricing models
  • What experiment would best test a client’s strategy, and what do the results of that experiment reveal
  • How do we present analysis and reports, so our partners get the information they need

Tools of the Trade:

  • We work closely with our data science teams, so you’ll need an understanding of statistical concepts, and being able to interpret results and explain them to non-analysts
  • We use big data sets so being comfortable with tools to access information and analyze that information such SQL and some statistical and/or spreadsheet software
  • We use an array of business intelligence tools to visualize our findings. Members of our team have different strengths such as GIS or Tableau -- though many learned those on the job
  • We’re only successful if we can communicate our findings; writing skills, PowerPoint / Keynote and other tools of the consultant toolbox will help you succeed in this job

What you’ll do:

This position requires a mix of analysis, data management and presentation, and communication. You’ll be responsible for hard analysis as well as putting together the data infrastructure, reports, and calculators that will power our solutions and putting together the client-facing materials that summarize those findings.

Analysts at BlueLabs are the ones with the best understanding of the nuances of a client’s data and our solutions. They can execute on the perfect solution but often can discover the answer that gets us 95% of the way there is a quicker and more efficient way.

Some of our work is templated, but our analysts excel when they come up with creative solutions to the problems. This will require creating new calculators or analyzing existing outputs in a new light.

This is a great role for those who have done data work in the past – at school or at work and looking to become experts in their field.

Some examples of projects you might work on: 

  • Building custom reports and presenting meaningful analysis of what those reports indicate about the success of a client’s program
  • Creating calculators that help clients plan through scenarios
  • Wrestling with data to create clear and concise files for you (and others) to analyze
  • Building customized universes based on our team’s models
  • Contributing to memos and decks that tell the story of our findings

Who you are:

  • You are passionate about harnessing data-driven solutions to improve social outcomes
  • You’re eager to learn and get to the frontier of fundamental techniques in data management, analysis, and visualization
  • You’re able to conduct data analysis on tight deadlines where the problem is unstructured, or the guidance is open-ended
  • You can recognize patterns and are careful to check assumptions -- whether they are your own or  someone else’s
  • You have great attention to detail

Preferred Experience and Background:

  • You likely have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field with some statistical background or a few years of experience analyzing data and building reports
  • You’ve created reports and worked with data visualization and business intelligence tools
  • You’ve created maps with GIS data and used software such as QGIS or ArcGIS
  • You have experience with programming languages such as Python and SQL
  • You can manipulate data and worked with spreadsheet and presentation software (Excel, Google Sheets, PowerPoint, Keynote)
  • You have experience manipulating different data sets to identify clear insights

This position is available in DC, NYC, & LA


At BlueLabs, we celebrate, support and thrive on differences. Not only do they benefit our services, products, and community, but most importantly, they are to the benefit of our team. Qualified people of all races, ethnicities, ages, sex, genders, sexual orientations, national origins, gender identities, marital status, religions, veterans statuses, and disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. As an equal opportunity workplace and an affirmative action employer, BlueLabs is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. 


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